Growing Together

Our family lawn care agreement.

The Elite Turf Family Agreement

We decided to define our relationship because we feel strongly against contracts with you. What should you expect from us, and what do we ask? After all, we're in this together, and it's only through a successful relationship that we both will be pleased.

From us, you can expect...

  • A email or text before every visit we make
  • Properly trained, passionate team members focused on serving you.
  • The best products and materials are applied at the correct times.
  • Team members who embody our Core Values are Committed to Excellence, Level-Headed, Team Players, Ingenuitive, and have Personal Integrity.
  • A note, email, or call if we ever find anything that needs your extra attention

From you, we ask...

  • Please ensure your lawn is free of debris, gate(s) are unlocked, and vehicle(s) are moved prior to our scheduled visit.
  • Polite and professional dialogue with all team members
  • Prompt payment of all services completed
  • A genuine, open-minded desire to resolve issues and to trust our honest guidance
  • A call or email the moment something isn't right with your lawn. Fungus, Insects, and disease act quickly, and we will respond promptly to address these issues.
  • Honest feedback when we ask how things are. Our livelihoods come from your satisfaction, and we will work to ensure we correct any issues you communicate to us.
  • Reasonable expectations. Your lawn won't go from zero to hero after just a few visits. Following our team's guidance about lawn care and recommended services is critical to steady improvement.
  • A kind word to your friends or neighbors when you are pleased